AJAN HIV and AIDS Prevention Programme for the Youth- online course

This online platform is a work of the African Jesuit AIDS Network. It is within our program, the AJAN HIV & AIDS Prevention Program for Youth (AHAPPY) which pursues the integral development of young people (ages 10-24).

It is based on the AHAPPY Generation manual which is designed to be offered through a Training of Trainers or for Training of Trainees. However, on this online platform, AJAN intends to offer youth an opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of the epidemic with minimal interaction.

Based on Ignatian principles, it will help you to live an empowered life and to enrich the lives of others around you. This application will also present you with further useful tools for networking.

It comprises five modules with various units within them. A student, after registration, studies the content provided and is thus able to undertake  some exercises before proceeding from one unit to another through the five modules. Finally, there will be a forum where open-ended questions will be discussed by students in the network. After that process, a certificate is awarded. This certificate is not an academic one, it is rather something for a student to be proud of after gaining new information having gone through the entire process here.